Visible Vs Mint Mobile Which Should I Get?

Before we go on to looking at all the specs, pros, and cons, Let me give a quick introduction to what Mint Mobile and Visible are.

These two companies are the best for their cheap prepaid phone plans

Now Mint Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator that’s on the T-Mobile network. It requires a physical SIM card or an eSIM. So it’s a prepaid cellular network provider, and it’s partly owned by the famous actor, Ryan Reynolds.  It costs up to $15–$40 a month, depending on the amount of data and how fast you want it.

Visible is a phone service that you can sign up for online at or using the Visible app, and it’s targeted mostly at online businessmen and women. It is owned by Verizon, and it’s a $40 per month payment for unlimited data. It is supported by both iOS and Android.

So, out of Mint Mobile and Visible, which is better in terms of speed, value, and specs?

Well, that’s what I’ll list out for you in this Mint Mobile Vs Visible article.

First are the prepaid plans, pricing, and coverage:

Mint Mobile’s prepaid plan is $15 a month. Although you will have to pay for 3-4 months at a time to get what you want and also pay upfront, you will have access to a wide range of options that are flexible to your preferences. You can get 4GB for $15 a month, 10GB for $20 a month, 15GB for $25 a month, and unlimited for $30 a month. The mint mobile operates on T-Mobile and you pay upfront

*Visible wireless*  Visible has an unlimited data payment plan that costs $30 a month. They offer two unlimited plans at a flat rate: the Visible Plan and the Visible Plan Plus. The visible plan goes for $30 and includes unlimited data, but it can have the same deprioritization as other prepaid plans.

The Visible Plus then offers 50GB of 5G data on Verizon’s Wideband network for $45. Visible operates using Verizon with a “pay a month at a time” plan.

Remember, not all phones work with both networks. So if you want to pay once, I recommend that you go for Mint Mobile. But if you don’t want to pay those big upfront charges but would rather pay in installments, then I recommend you use Visible.

Speed and specs:

Both Mint Mobile and Visible use 5G, but also remember that they are prepaid carriers, so they can get deprioritized when their parent networks suffer heavy traffic. The Visible Plus comes with access to Verizon’s ultra-wideband service, which makes it faster than the Mint Mobile, and the Visible will never slow down your connection, unlike the Mint.

Although they both offer unlimited calls and messages plus free mobile hotspots, there’s only 5GB of mobile hotspot allowance on Mint Mobile’s unlimited data plan, while Visible gives unlimited usage. Visible also offers long-distance international calling options, but only for subscribers to its Visible Plus plan.

For now, Mint Mobile is the only carrier to feature something like a family plan, though it’s not the best on the market. Why? Well, you only get each line at the standard lowest rate, and that’s yearly instead of the per-line special discount you get by signing up via Mint’s plan. 

The only benefit of this Mint Family plan is that multiple lines can be bundled into one account, cutting out loads of red tape. Although it’s a good feature, it’s not a deal-breaker in any way.

Both Mint Mobile and Visible offers low priced unlimited data plans

Visible really has low restrictions on its unlimited data plan. It used to be that it capped out at 200 MB/s, although it wasn’t said by them.

While Mint Mobile has a “soft” data cap of 35GB of 5G data per month, with the speed dropped to just 128Kbs, if you happen to manage your allowance, even though 35GB is more than enough for most people, it’s worth remembering and knowing this before you use Mint.


If you want a cheap network with a variety of plans at different prices and an upfront payment for 3–4 months or more and a family plan, Mint Mobile is what I recommend, but you’ll get low service and it’s subject to deprioritization.

But if you want a network with only 2 plans that are slightly more expensive than Mint Mobile but with month-to-month payments, unlimited 5G hotspotting and usage, low restrictions, lengthy international calls, fast connection, and lots more, then I recommend you use Visible.

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