How To Create WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp groups are virtual spaces that house several members. The person who created it is called the Administrator and the Administrator can select up to 1024 participants. It is possible to decide if these people can interact with each other or if only the Administrator is allowed to send information.

It is a useful resource for optimizing communication with a large number of people, as instead of sending one message at a time to each contact, the same message can be delivered to everyone simultaneously.

How to create a group on WhatsApp?

The step-by-step process is quite quick and can help the Administrator communicate with other members. Check out:

  1. Open WhatsApp: Find the app in your phone’s apps list. Then select it and wait for the software to open. Then look for three vertical dots on the top right and click on them.
  2. Create a group: A series of options will appear. Just click on “New group” and select the contacts from your phonebook to create the group.
  3. Choose a name: Then you can enter the name of the group, which will be visible to everyone. There are no restrictions on the name, as long as it has a length of up to 25 characters.
  4. Decorate the group: In addition to choosing the name, the administrator can add emojis and even a photo to serve as a cover. To insert a photo, click on the camera icon and choose whether you want to take a photo or choose one from the cell phone gallery, then just confirm.
  5. Save Changes: Finally, just save your changes by selecting the green tick icon.

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What is the importance of WhatsApp groups?

The idea is to bring together in one place all people who share the same interest. Therefore, creating it might be a good idea for some of these contexts: if you have a group of friends who always get together to go out, employees of a company who are part of a certain department, if you are going to host events and you need that all guests are in the same virtual space, etc.

Creating a group facilitates communication, as all members can interact with each other or receive, simultaneously, important information from the person responsible for managing the space. Like when a department head needs employees to be aware of notices or shift changes: everyone gets the information instantly.

What are the WhatsApp group features?

Both administrators and members can send messages, photos, videos, links, locations, and even files in various formats (Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, Mobile, etc).

In addition, you can use emojis to express your feelings or bring up the subject, send stickers, reply, and react to messages.

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