Honest Gabb Watch Review 2023

Are you looking for ways to be sure your kids are safe when using tech products?

Well, Gabb Watch is on a mission to save kids from today’s dangers in the digital world by making the safest tech products.

But what is the Gabb watch I’m talking about? The Gabb watch is actually a stand-alone smartwatch that is made and designed for kids, also keeping their safety in mind. It has limited features that are similar to most smartwatches and smartphones, which give kids what they need to communicate with parents without any other distracting features common on smart devices. Since the early 2000s, technology has altered our way of life and how we communicate with each other, for better and for worse.

Now, parents have started to notice the disadvantages of exposing their kids to too much tech too early and are looking for better ways to stay connected with their kids than regular smartphones which are also convenient.

Starting in 2018, three types of watches have been made to meet the needs of parents who are trying safe tech gadgets for their kids:

The first watch made was the Gabb Z1. It was the first phone made to look like a smartphone but with the functions of a cell phone, so there was no internet, no app store, no games, no social media apps, and no way to view photos. The Gabb Z1 was then discontinued in October 2020.

Then there is the Gabb Z2, which is the second product that was released in September 2020. The Z2 is a higher-quality phone with one more feature that is important for kids’ safety, and that is GPS tracking. With this Gabb Z2, parents could also turn on group texts and picture messaging for kids who were old enough to use them properly.

Then in June 2021, Gabb announced the third product in their lineup, the Gabb watch, which is a smartphone that kids can wear, and parents can now worry less about their kids’ devices getting misplaced, stolen, or broken. The Gabb Watch provides all of the functions a smartphone provides plus the extra parental controls like safe zones, tasks, pre-set text messages, lock mode, emergency contacts, and a lot more.

So you can see that the Gabb Watch is the gold standard in terms of safe smartwatches for kids. a phone, a GPS tracker, and an interactive smartwatch.

Now, how does the Gabb Watch protect kids?

Now kids have the right to be protected and feel safe wherever they are. Parents will have peace of mind for their child’s safety. The Gabb Watch enables these rights with several important features:

 GPS Tracking

With the Gabb Watch and the MyGabb app, which can be downloaded on Android and iOS, parents have the ability to monitor their child’s real-time location 24/7.

Personalized Safe Zones

With the MyGabb app, parents are able to set perimeters around safe zones, such as their home, their child’s school, their local park, etc., and be notified whenever their child enters or leaves each of those safe zones.


The new Gabb Watch allows up to 25 contacts that are chosen by the parents on the MyGabb app. Any call or text that comes from a number other than the 25 chosen contacts will be blocked.

SOS Button and Emergency Contact

Parents are also allowed to set one emergency contact in the MyGabb app. A child can make an emergency call at any time by just holding down the SOS button for 10 seconds. The emergency contact will then be immediately notified through the MyGabb app that the SOS button has been activated.

Good Battery Life

The Gabb watch comes with a 500 mAh battery, so parents don’t have to worry about losing connection with their child throughout the day. Depending on the child and parent’s usage, the Gabb Watch’s battery life can last up to 48 hours. If the device is regularly used on a daily basis, it will only last you for the whole day.

How does the Gabb Watch connect families?

We all know that parents want to be able to connect with their kids through calls or texts, but they don’t want their kids to be exposed to inappropriate content, send out inappropriate content, or be contacted by strangers. So here is how the Gabb Watch connects families and keeps kids safe:


Kids are only able to call their 25 preset contacts at any time, except when the watch is in lock mode. Parents and kids can also work together to update the 25 custom contacts whenever necessary, helping parents know the most important people in their child’s life. Any phone number that is not saved as one of your child’s preset contacts wouldn’t be able to call your child. And, because Gabb Watch doesn’t support video calls, parents don’t have to worry about inappropriate content being exposed to their kids.

Voice messages and texting

The 25 pre-selected contacts are the only ones kids can text at any time. They can use the voice recorder to send up to 20-second voice messages, pre-set text messages with up to 15 custom messages set up in the MyGabb app, and emojis. Any phone number that is not saved as one of your child’s preset contacts will not be able to text your child. Similar to calling, messaging is also disabled during Lock Mode. Also, since kids cannot send or receive photos and videos on their Gabb Watch, parents don’t have to worry about their children being exposed to content that’s not meant for them.

How does the Gabb Watch empower parents?

Parents are responsible for providing age-appropriate technology for their kids and teaching them healthy tech habits that will push them to success. Here is how the Gabb Watch can empower parents and encourage kids to live life outside of the screen:

Task Manager and Step Counter for Kids

With the MyGabb app, parents can create tasks to help remind their kids to do their homework, assignments, and chores. While setting step goals, they can encourage their children to be active. After the kids are done with their tasks or reach their step goals, they can be awarded coins that unlock additional characters in the Gabb Go app.

Lock Mode/School Mode

Parents can decide to lock the Gabb Watch at any time using the MyGabb app. When the watch is in lock mode, kids will only have access to make or receive SOS or emergency calls and messages with their emergency contact and will not be able to access Gabba Go.

Water and Sweat Resistant

Water resistance is really important for kids who love to play even if it rains or shines. Now not only is the Gabb Watch sweat-resistant, but parents can also buy an additional screen protector or an extended warranty to protect their kid’s Gabb watch against accidental damage from drops and spills.

Note that the Gabb watch is water-resistant but not water-proof. I don’t recommend the watch being submerged in water.

Some of the Gabb Watch features kids love are

1. Gabb Go: This is the productivity and activity tracker. Pre-installed in the new Gabb Watch, the Gabb Go is a fun feature that encourages kids to be productive and stay active. By completing custom tasks set by their parents, caring for a digital pet, and reaching daily step goals, kids can earn coins to unlock additional Gabba Go characters. Because children can only perform three tasks each day for their digital pet, parents don’t need to worry too much about their screen time.

Gabb’s themed watch bands and watch faces

Gabb has partnered with MobyFox and developed themed Star Wars watch bands and watch faces, with several other themed watch bands and faces coming out soon. Parents can learn about all future product releases by subscribing to the Gabb blog.

Gabb Life Contests

To help reduce screen time, Gabb hosts an annual Gabb Life Contest Series for Gabb kids who are 16 or younger. The platform enables the kids to showcase the amazing talents that they’ve developed off the screen and win all sorts of cool cash prizes, gift cards, Gabb Swag, and lots more. What’s more awesome is that each year, the grand prize winner receives a car prize of $10,000 and a year-long contract as a Gabb ambassador.

Gabb VIP Experiences

Thanks to the Gabb Watch, kids get access to awesome VIP experiences that encourage them to live beyond the screen. Some of the current offers include an additional 30 minutes of free jumping at Defy Extreme Air Sports and Sky Zone Trampoline Park and half-off night tickets at Brighton Ski Resort.

So How Much Does the Gabb Watch Cost?

The awesome part is the Gabb Watch is only $149.99 with 3 different pricing options for unlimited calls and texts: $9.99/month for 2 years; $12.99/month for 1 year; or $16.99/month for a month-to-month payment plan.

So far, there are no disadvantages to the Gabb watch and only advantages for parents and their kids.

In conclusion, the Gabb watch is a landline alternative and has a;

#1. GPS and tracking function

#2. Custom safe zones that will notify you when your child leaves and enters specified locations

#3. Unlimited calls and voice-preset texts

#4. 15 customizable text messages, voice messaging, and emojis

#5. There are up to 25 parent-managed contacts, so no calls from strangers.

#6. An SOS/emergency button for primary contact

#7. Parent-controlled lock mode to limit distractions during school hours, but SOS or emergency calls can still be made.

#8. There are six themes to choose from that are designed for both younger and older kids.

#9. A flashlight app that’s easily accessible from the drop-down menu

#10. sweat, water, dirt, and sand resistant

#11. Gabb Go for the fun task manager and step counter features.

12. Lastly, it comes pre-activated.

Gabb Watch FAQs

#1. Does the Gabb watch pair with the Gabb phone?

No, it’s a stand-alone device.

#2. What range does the Gabb watch for?

It depends on the maturity level of your child. If your kids are old enough to play in the neighborhood with friends on their own, this will make a great tool for them. As far as the maximum age, there’s nothing about it that looks childish, so I think it works for all ages that are old enough to take care of it properly.

#3. How many times or for how long can the Gabb watch be worn?

It depends on the number of social activities the kids have. So if they are out of the house, it could be worn.

#4. Why the Gabb watch instead of the Gabb phone?

Your kids can use the Gabb Watch when they are away from you and playing with friends. The watch is easy to wear on their wrist and doesn’t get in the way of them playing sports and doing various activities. With the Gabb watch, your kids don’t have to either hold a phone, which will be distracting for their use, or keep the phone down, where they are likely to lose or forget it.

#5. How to charge the Gabb Watch

The Gabb Watch comes with a charger that can be plugged into a standard outlet. The watch is meant to sit on the charger with four small pegs that connect to the charger. It charges fast.

#6. Can you send texts with the Gabb watch?

Yes, texts and voice messages can be sent, but no multimedia messages, i.e., images.

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