How To Create WhatsApp Group

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WhatsApp groups are virtual spaces that house several members. The person who created it is called the Administrator and the Administrator can select up to 1024 participants. It is possible to decide if these people can interact with each other or if only the Administrator is allowed to send information. It is a useful resource for optimizing communication with a … Read more

3 Mistakes To Avoid While Charging Your Phone

As a smartphone user, it’s easy to develop habits and addictions around charging your device that seem harmless, but, in reality, can negatively affect your battery’s longevity and performance. So, in this article, we will explain why you should avoid three very common ways of charging your device and how this can extend the life … Read more

How To Download YouTube Video Using ‘ss’


Are you looking for how to download youtube videos without any software or how to download video from youtube to file manager? Then search no further because this post is specially baked for you. Tip: Using “ss” allows you to save videos without having to download programs to your PC. To do this, just use the … Read more

RRB Network Design Guide

RRB network

Hello guys! One of my students sent this networking design task, and I would like you to learn from it, especially if you are planning to take the CCNA networking exam. Case Study Scenario: RRB You have been hired as a network engineer to design a new network for RRB, which is a thriving fashion … Read more

How To Upload a Long Video To WhatsApp Status

upload video on WhatsApp

How to put long video on WhatsApp status on Android and how to upload long video on WhatsApp status on iPhone are common questions WhatsApp users who don’t want to root their phones or do some tricks that might have underlying side effects ask us every time through chats. The most popular messaging application WhatsApp has a time limit of 30 … Read more

How To Know If They Have Read A Message On Tiktok


One of the things that people ask the most in this app is how to know if they have read a message on TikTok. In other applications, such as Instagram or WhatsApp, we have (or can have it, since it can also be disabled) confirmation that the other person has received or even read our … Read more

How Often Should I Clear My Mobile Cookies?

how to clear cookies from phone

What happens if you delete all the cookies on your phone and how often should cookies be deleted, are common questions people ask in different online tech forums. Your Android phone is online constantly, and your web browser in particular is picking up data from all the different websites you visit. Much of that data … Read more