10 Best SideQuest Games 2023

Have you ever been playing a video game on your PC or any console and come across a side quest within that game? These quests or missions may have no relevance to the game missions in question; they may just be there as a means of keeping the player entertained for as long as possible while giving the player insight into various dimensions of the game in question.

In most cases, it feels like the side quest missions become duller and duller, as it feels like the developers do not put any thought into the missions (quests). It’s a trend that has been going on for a long time in the gaming industry, and some of the sidequest games are simply so wonderful that there’s a need for them to be talked about.

In today’s article, we will be looking at some of the finest sidequest games that have ever existed, as recommended by numerous gaming channels. Note: There are no illegal activities concerning playing any sidequest games as they are considered safe, and it’s also important to know that most of the sidequest games are no longer free, which means you’ll need to spend real money before playing, unlike the good old days when it was totally free. So without wasting much of your time, let’s get started.

What Is A SideQuest Game?

Before we move further into this article, we must first look at the meaning of a sidequest game. What is a sidequest game? A side quest game can be defined as a quest that exists within a video game that is in no way related to the main story of the game and is totally optional for players to complete.

Sidequest games are usually made to keep the players entertained for a longer period of time, making the game longer, and can involve tasks such as cab fare, police chases, finding items, archery, racing, defeating enemies, etc.

This sidequest may also help the in-game character level up, obtain weapons, etc. These rewards may be of assistance to the player. In most terms, most sidequest games may be related to the story in some way, but in simple terms, they’re not always required to progress through the main storyline.

Now that we know the meaning of the term “sidequest mission,” it’s time to proceed with the article.

Top 10 Best SideQuest Games


Pavlov is a cutthroat first-person shooter game initially delivered for wired VR headsets. It centers around a reasonable encounter, with sights and sounds matching genuine where conceivable. You can play in both relaxed and serious modes, depending on how sure you’re feeling. There is also a disconnected mode on the off chance that you don’t need the tension of playing with others.

Pavlov: Shack is a stripped-down variant of the Steam game produced for the Oculus Journey. A few designs must be downsized for the mission, yet the game is not yet ready to play. The authority’s arrival at Shack is slated for later in 2020. Up until that point, you can play the beta rendition by sideloading it from SideQuest VR.

#2. Tea For God

Tea for God is one of the most extraordinary SideQuest VR games accessible for the Oculus Rift. It is a secret shooter game that utilizes your room scale to make special, exceptional guides each time a level is reached. This implies that you get to unendingly walk and creep around your home in a computer-generated experience while never leaving your VR room scale.

You truly need to introduce the game to see the value in its plan. Far and away superior, Tea for God is also totally free.

The game includes numerous trouble levels and choices for tweaking and redesigning your stuff. A few choices can appear to be overly complicated from the get-go until you become accustomed to them. Tea for God is the first (just?) game that makes you need to make your room bigger. A few clients online have detailed utilizing their carport or nearby basketball courts to produce bigger guides in the game. Anything space you have, the game makes a perfect showing of creating a tomfoolery experience.

#3. Sport Mode

Sport Mode is an activity sandbox game that utilizes practical and precise material science. Planned and created by Virtuaport, Game Mode is a development for Material Science Jungle Gym. In the game, you can generate various weapons, including katanas, crowbars, and guns like shotguns and guns. To push around the field, the experience brings circles and other tomfoolery props.

Sport Mode comes in two modes: field mode and imaginative mode. The region mode permits you to battle adversaries to acquire the most noteworthy score. Innovative Mode permits you to bring forth and control various weapons, props, and NPCs. It is an open sandbox where you can add, erase, and control what you need.

Reasonable movement is expected to keep foes down or use demo hammers. Sport Mode upholds the 120Hz mode, and it embraces VR’s physical science well overall. Furthermore, it incorporates a multiplayer mode for you to play with your loved ones.

You can tweak the game in the manner in which you need, including changing oil splatter, dismantling, and discretionary super strength.

#4. Hyper Dash

Hyper Run is another speedy multiplayer shooter that includes cross-play with PC VR. It’s one of the best multiplayer SideQuest VR games available. Hyper Run is free while it is still being developed.

The game supports up to 5-v-5 player coordinates in VR with observers who can sign in without a headset. The non-VR members control a robot that should be visible in the game. There are eight weapons as of now in the game that are every one of the one-gave so you can duel use. It highlights three modes:

Payload is like Overwatch and Group Stronghold 2. Mastery provokes groups to catch three focuses and hold them for five seconds to score. The principal group with three foci wins. Catch Point is a mode where you attempt to hold a point in the guide for 300 general seconds.

The game consolidates numerous development frameworks, including smooth velocity and rail crushing. This gets you around a guide rapidly after a respawn. There’s likewise a scramble/transport specialist as the principal approach to moving around in the game. The runs re-energize you so you can support more. After Reverberation Field, this is the next multiplayer game you ought to test.

#5. To The Top

In To the Top, you play a human-robot mixture. You need to run, jump, and move around obstacles in computer-generated simulations. A “quick-moving platformer” may not seem like it would function admirably in VR, but To the Top adapts to the situation.

The most ideal way to depict To The Top is that you’re Spiderman crossed with Sonic The Hedgehog. In the event that that doesn’t sound tomfoolery, we don’t have any idea what will. The conditions look pleasant, and there are about 35 points to win.

To the Top isn’t one of the SideQuest VR games that grew autonomously. The game is now truly famous on SteamVR and has been ported to chip away at the Oculus Journey.

One note of caution is that To the Top isn’t so much for novice VR players. All the quick development can cause movement ailments, so ensure you are capable first.

#6. Enhance

Enhance is a mind-preparing application for computer-generated reality. It’s not your generally ordinary riddle game, yet rather tests your consideration and focus. Improve allows you to chip away at various mental abilities, including:

  • Memory
  • Consideration
  • Adaptability
  • Critical thinking
  • Engine Control
  • Spatial Direction
  • Data Handling

Upgrades accompany smaller-than-usual games. In “Respond,” you test your concentration and consideration by hitting hued 3D squares in response to a particular request. New games are being added to improve consistency!

Credit to the engineer for making Improve one of the most special SideQuest VR games to test. The information from the game goes toward research on brain preparation and psychological wellness.

#7. Quest Craft

QuestCraft is a playable independent port of Minecraft: Java Release for Oculus Mission headsets. Minecraft VR has never been locally accessible on the mission without a PC association by means of Oculus Connection or Air Connection.

QuestCraft empowers VR similarity for Minecraft Java. The video delivered by QuestCraft showing the mod in real life has surely astounded the fans with the highlights included.

A portion of the features of the delivered video of the mod are as follows:

  • Full-head following in Minecraft
  • Useful menus in VR
  • Restricted touch controls
  • Button-based associations
  • Capacity to move things around in a spring-up stock window

QuestCraft goes about as the covering to the Java rendition of Minecraft making it send off Minecraft on the Journey headsets.

8. Battle Talent

Fight Ability is a battle test system game. For those of you who have been hanging tight for a decent Sharp Edge and Divination elective for the journey, this is all there is to it.

Fight Ability contains progressed material science. There are exact crashes, climbing, sounds, weapons, and adversaries in the game. You get to travel through each level with your stockpile of weapons and assault foes with fulfillment. A tonne of weapons has extraordinary abilities in the game, like lightning or ice, that you have some control over.

Fight Ability is generally an open sandbox, yet there are procedurally-produced prisons that make loads of foes and room occasions for you. As you progress, you acquire coins, which can be used to overhaul your weapons and give you new capabilities. Fight Ability is one of the most amazing battle games for the Oculus Mission and one of our favorite SideQuest VR games.

#9. Ancient Dungeon VR

Old Prison VR is a rebellious light prison crawler game. Each level is procedurally produced and is interesting each time you play. Levels are loaded up with traps, privileged insights, and other plunder to find. As you progress through each level, the trouble from enemies gets higher. Every prison has an alternate subject, which influences the foes and powerups in the levels.

You need to battle through beasts with your sword and tossing blade while gathering powerups to work on your abilities. You can trade various updates and advantages to working on your game. You need to challenge and overcome strong managers as well.

Antiquated Prison VR is one of the cleanest and most fun games in the SideQuest store.

#10. Hibow

Hibow is a serious multiplayer SideQuest VR game with savage bolt shooting and an invigorating flying experience. It comes from similar designers as Realm of Cutting Edges.

In Hibow, you play in a group of bowmen, and your objective is to kill the other group. You need to fly through the field and shoot your adversaries with bolts. You can welcome your companions to play with you as well.

Innovative elements for bows and bolts permit killing, dispersing, blasting, and, surprisingly, blinding. The game has a one-of-a-kind flying framework, which is cool to encounter in VR. The game feels a bit like Reverberation Field in a more easygoing manner.

Frequently Asked SideQuest Questions

#1. What’s the best video game ever made, regardless of platform?

It had an infinite number of genuinely fascinating side quests, as well as countless possible outcomes, global layouts, time travel, and character exchanges in a battle that rationally and amusingly showcased their combat prowess. Oh, and did I forget to mention the diverse cast of people and rich lore? Everything is contained in a single SNES cartridge. The sprite work is still among the best ever produced, too. This game continues to be popular and is frequently re-released on new hardware for a good reason.

#2. What video game had the first side quest?

How much of this applies will depend on how you define a side quest. It’s been around at least since Oregon Trail in the 1970s if it’s something you can do but also avoid and still finish the story. You can choose to go hunting to get food, which would start a minigame. There was no requirement that you go hunting each time. That might be viewed as a supporting mission. I believe text adventures from before included optional components.

Even in Pong, players could agree to break the rules, such as aiming to defeat their opponent while still keeping them from scoring a point. That is more equivalent to success, yet success is also a kind of side mission.

#3. What are the most tedious side quests in video games?

Though there are many tiresome side tasks in video games, the fetch quest is perhaps the one that jumps out the most. In a fetch quest, the player is given an item to find from a specific location and then brings it back to the person who gave it to them.

These tasks frequently require running back and forth between NPCs and can be incredibly tedious and time-consuming.


These are just a few examples of the many Oculus Quest 2 games that are available on Oculus SideQuest. The platform offers a wide variety of games and apps for players to enjoy, and many of them are created by independent developers. Let us know what you think about the SideQuest games we listed on this post.

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