10 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Cardholder Cases

Are you looking for the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cardholder or wallet cases?

Then you’ve come to the right place to learn more about Samsung Galaxy S9 cardholder and wallet cases.

Undeniably, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is quite a large smartphone, so it takes up a lot of pocket space.

I have put together a list of the best cardholders and wallet cases for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

#1. LED-View Samsung Galaxy S9 Cardholder Case

First on my list is the LED View Samsung Galaxy S9 Wallet Cardholder.

If you’re looking for a Samsung Galaxy S9 case that’s a perfect size and you only need to carry one or two credit cards,

Then the Samsung LED View Wallet is your best choice. It comes in three colors: black, purple, and blue, and you’ll get LED notifications or updates on the screen, so there’s no need to unlock your phone or open the case to view or receive notifications. These notifications include alarms, messages, battery levels, etc. By wiping, you can also respond to calls and set your alarm to snooze or wake.

The LED View Samsung Cardholder Case has basic LED caller ID indicators. The Galaxy S9 goes to sleep once the cover is shut and comes on once the cover is opened. It is also available on Amazon for the low price of $69.99.

#2. Spigen Slim Armor Cardholder Case

The second one on the list is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Spigen Slim Armor Cardholder Case.

The Spigen Slim Armor Samsung Galaxy S9 Cardholder Case was made for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the S9+ Cardholder Case. for all who love to carry cards with their smartphones. It’s not a magnetic clasp wallet cardholder case but a normal double-layer rear case. Though it’s made with a sliding mechanism on the back that brings up a payment card slot and a space for cash,

You can comfortably carry two credit cards, slide them shut, and lock them back. You can also pick colors that suit your Galaxy S9 or S9+.

This particular case design is slimmer than wallets, and it looks stylish.

Lastly, this case can be integrated with your S9 Plus, and it goes for around $51 on Amazon.

#3. AMOVO Case

The third item on my list is the Samsung Galaxy S9 AMOVO Case.

This AMOVO wallet case with a cardholder is made of actual leather and may be the right case for your S9 and S9+.

This leather purse has three credit or debit card slots and even space for your cash.

The AMOVO S9 cardholder also comes with a magnet-locking shield that folds into a kickstand. It also comes with a detachable magnetic shock accumulation phone cover. You can easily access on/off and volume keys, cameras, headphones, and adapters.

It is stylishly designed to maintain the trendy look of your S9 or S9+.

#4. Bento-Ben case

The fourth item on my list is the Bento Bento case with a hidden wallet. Now the BentoBen wallet case has a hidden flap that stores all your cash and cards, and this is made from PC material, making it strong and hard. It has a flexible inner layer of TPU material, which makes it soft. This case comes with Air Cushion Technology, so your phone is safe at all times. It has a variety of color options. Let’s not also forget that the space for cards and cash is quite hidden and also goes for about $14.

#5. AKHVRS leather cardholder/wallet case

The fifth item on my list is the AKHVRS leather cardholder/wallet case.

This S9 cardholder/wallet case is made with high-quality material. The benefit of this cover is that it can perfectly store up to ten cards. It of course keeps your phone safe, and it’s also made of premium-quality leather, giving your S9 a luxurious feel and a professional look. All these features make it the best luxury phone case for your S9, and it goes for $16. Nice, right?

#6. Njjexfor Samsung Galaxy S9 cardholder or wallet

Now the sixth item on my list is the Njexfor Samsung Galaxy S9 cardholder/wallet case. This is now available for $16. It’s simple, of premium quality, and looks professional, too. Of course, it has a magnetic flap that holds everything securely. It’s not heavy, so it’s very easy for you to carry. It contains one compartment for your cash and another that can contain three cards.

#7. ProCase Folio Folding Wallet Case

The seventh item on my list is the ProCase Folio folding wallet case. This case has a very beautiful, professional design, and it’s also lightweight. You can use this case for whatever occasion you have. It also has a folding wallet case. It also has anti-slip and wear-resistant functions. But its disadvantage is that it can only store up to three cards, and most times the cards that are stored can also scratch the phone’s screen.

#8. Goospery wallet case

The eighth item on my list is the Goospery wallet case. This S9 wallet case goes for as low as $15 and comes with a magnetic door closure. It is also useful for those who do not want their phone covers to be thick, and it can easily fit into your pocket. The texture of the case is smooth. On top, there is an RFID blocking layer. It is very comfortable to hold, and it covers all ends and angles, but the downside is that it has only 2 card slots.

#9. Shieldon Cardholder Case

The ninth item on my list is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Shieldon Cardholder Case. This wallet case comes with a concealed magnetic lock and a streamlined appearance. It comes in gray, black, and blue. Its internal bumper is made of lightweight TPU rubber, and it protects your phone from falls and bounces.

There are three cardholder slots and a money pocket in the front flap. Also, the automated magnetic lock holds all your cards and cash conveniently and safely.

It has a kickstand that can be moved to a horizontal position; it’s quite solid and provides your smartphone with a nice viewing angle, and it doesn’t add weight to the case.

The Shieldon case gives you easy and quick access to your speakers, cameras, and flashes. and other working ports and keys without opening the case. It could be bought as a gift for you and your friend.

#10. Monasay wallet cardholder

The last case on my list is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Monasay wallet cardholder. Case you’re looking for a cardholder wallet case with a screen protector for your S9, then this case is for you.

Dear readers, This is a handmade smartphone cardholder case that is made of luxury leather that is premium quality leather, and it covers your Galaxy S9. It comes with elevated slides to avoid screen scratching and everyday wear. It has a strong magnetic closure that’s convenient and that you’ll be satisfied with. The double synthetic leather will end up being more resilient and defensive for your S9 or S9+. It will of course prevent stretching and deterioration over the period of time it’s being used, and it can also protect your S9 from accidental drops or spills.

And yes, it can be used as a kickstand for both vertical and horizontal viewing and has three credit card slots.

It goes for $16 on Amazon, and this Monsaray Samsung Galaxy S9 cardholder case has sixty days of back assurance and one year of replacement-compliant customer support.


#1. What’s a cardholder phone case?

This is a uniquely designed phone case that has pockets for your ATM cards, cash, and ID cards.

#2. Is it safe to put your credit card in the phone’s cardholder case?

 Yes. It’s safe for your cards, as the magnets in the phone case won’t cause any harm or change the shape of your card.

#3. Are cardholder cases safer than a wallet?

A cardholder is better to keep in your pocket because it is small, and you will avoid carrying both a purse and a wallet to reduce heaviness and wear and tear.


I’ve listed the 10 best Samsung Galaxy S9 cardholder/wallet cases that you can buy. So if you’re searching for a Galaxy S9 cardholder case that’ll protect your phone from scratches, dents, and any other damages, then you can get any of the Samsung Galaxy S9 cardholder cases I’ve listed in this article.

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